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This group show combines the work of five artists: Anna Carpenter, Remelisa Cullitan, May Kytonen, Margaret Mount, and Eva Silverstone as well as the community group Craftivists of the Inland Northwest. Each of the artists are working in their own way to remix fiber traditions in order to explore a variety of concepts including identity, femininity, body, community, and fiber itself in the role of art.

A range of materials and techniques are used in this exploration. Anna Carpenter’s quilt of towels and sheets reminds us of the value of female choice, while Remelisa Cullitan uses pantyhose and hair to normalize everyday parts of women’s lives that are all too often stigmatized. Eva Silverstone and Margaret Mount both use previously worn materials that they have an intimate connection to, as well as embroidery and patchwork techniques to fit the act of creation into their busy and complicated lives. May Kytonen spins and weaves newspaper and creates connection with her Asian-American identity and community. Community is also the central theme of the baby onesies stitched by Craftivists of the Inland Northwest which celebrates the diversity of our community and highlights the increasing need for interconnectedness.

Throughout there is a stretching of the concept of stitching and fiber arts as “women’s work” in order to push that further into the realm of art and communicate that women’s voice in art are strong and important. While this “push” exists and strives to communicate, there is also the presence of honoring the long tradition of fiber as “women’s work” and the history of the stitches that came before. It is the hope of these artists that we can balance between pushing the art of fiber and acknowledging the work that came before.

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I am the Future! Installation Take Down

It's time to take our creation down and to consider next steps. If you haven't seen it yet, come by and take a look. Would also love some help taking it down. I'll be at 35 W Main, Spokane, WA. The time is flexible as long as it comes down by 5:30. Just let me know. Suggestions on next steps are also welcome. You can always email me @

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I Am the Future: A Craftivist Installation
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I Am the Future: A Craftivist Installation

Craftivists of the Inland Northwest invite you to join us for an installation of our stitched baby onesies.

They will be on display for the month of September at the Community Building, 35 W Main, Spokane, WA.

The opening reception will be held from 11:00 am -2:00 pm on September 9, 2017.

Stitch-a-alongs are scheduled for every Saturday from 12:00-2:00 pm in September. Please join us.

For more information, please refer to our event at



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Craftivist Stitch-A-Long #2

Please join us at Boots Bakery 24 W Main, Spokane, WA on August 25 from 6-9.

Craftivists of the Inland Northwest needs your help. The climate in our country is increasingly anti-immigrant , racist, and unsafe. In Spokane, Proposition 1 is on the November ballot. This proposition will legalize police profiling of people based on "perceived" citizenship status.

In response, we are stitching immigrant and diversity positive messages onto baby onesies in as many languages as possible. The basic message is "I am the future of the United States," but variations that celebrate our diversity are also welcome.

An installation of the onsies will be on display in the Community Building (35 W Main, Spokane, WA) during the month of September.

We are hoping for at least 100 stitched onesies in different languages, handwriting, and stitches. Displayed together they will show our mutual dependency and strength to stand up against the current xenophobic and hateful climate.

An additional Stitch-A-Long and installation is scheduled for September 9. Exact details to come.

Baby onesies and supplies will be available or you can bring your own. Feel free to stop by and learn about the project and stitch or take supplies and go home.

Craftivism is a slow activism that is not about perfection but more about mindfulness and community sharing and collaboration. To learn more about the project, visit the Facebook group "Craftivists of the Inland Northwest", or email me at

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