About Margaret

By day, I am a social worker and English as an Additional Language instructor (EAL). The rest of the time I am an artist who works primarily in fibers including, textile collage, embroidery, and weaving.

I am inspired by the natural world around me and believe in doing my part in creating an environmentally sustainable and socially just world.

I am interested in reclaiming art forms associated with traditional feminine crafts and highlighting the undervalued labor and time necessary for such creations. My materials and techniques allow and inspire the act of creation to fit into the pattern of our busy and complicated lives.

Many of the materials that I use come from pieces that I have previously worn and thus have an intimate connection with. Others were worn or made by other hands and have their own unknown stories. Through the slow process of embroidery, weaving, and other textile traditions, these stories and memories come together into a new exploration of color, texture, and form.

I live in Spokane, WA, USA with my partner and two cats.

Feel free to contact me at mfmount@gmail.com.