"I am the Future!"


As a means of celebrating the diversity of our community and as a response to the ever increasing anti-immigrant and diversity reality in this country, Craftivists of the Inland Northwest is organizing stitching events and opportunities. Onto baby onesies, participants are invited to stitch the words "I am the future of the United States of America (or my community) in as many languages as possible (you can also diverge from the script if you want to as long as the message is immigrant and diversity positive). Our onesies are currently on display in the Community Building at 35 W Main in Spokane until the end of October. After this point, it is my hope that the project will continue to grow and travel to various community centers with the goal of stimulating conversation, dialogue, and an increasing sense of our interconnectedness.

Stitching seems scary to some. We are happy to guide you through it. The act of stitching is so relaxing. You can talk if you want or just be quiet. No matter. Slowly, stitch by stitch, we are contributing to a more positive and inclusive world.

If you are unable to attend an event, we can provide scripts and supplies for you to work at home and share when finished. We also are still missing scripts in some languages if you can help in this way.

Supplies and donations for these supplies are also appreciated. Needed supplies include:

* Baby Onesies
* Embroidery thread
* Embroidery hoops
* Embroidery needles
* Sulky Solvy
* Any monetary contributions to help us purchase these materials.

You are also welcome to create your own private group get together to craftivist this message on baby onsies. If needed, we can provide supplies. It is important that as many people and communities can participate as possible.

For information about incoming events concerning this project, please visit the Craftivists of the Inland Northwest Facebook group page or email Margaret at mfmount@gmail.com